Michelle Kerry – Canberra, AU

I am deeply thankful to MUST University’s School of Performing Arts as it transformed my life and career in a way that I had never imagined. When I enrolled at the University, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do after graduation. I was a piano player and have been playing since the age of 8. I always wanted to make a career in music, hence, I decided to nurture my skills with a proper education.

MUST University was the first choice for me because of the flexibility and affordability it offers. As soon as I enrolled for a Bachelor’s Degree in Music, I was treated to new and interesting material on music which further enhanced my knowledge in the field. All courses were well-designed and tailored to the needs of students coming from different backgrounds in music. It exposed us to a wide range of terminologies, new trends, technology and theory in the field of music, not to mention, the different types of music across geographical boundaries. I learned important aspects of music theory, which I didn’t know of before. The course was enhanced by the expertise of the University’s faculty members who imparted their knowledge in the best way possible while sharing their own real-life experiences. They were extremely supportive and always available for assistance.

By the time I graduated from MUST University, I had proper knowledge of music which has helped me become a professional musician and teacher. I am now a professional pianist, composer and lyricist. I was even called in by a prestigious music company in New York where I had the opportunity to work with and learn from many Broadway professionals. During that time, I further enhanced my skills and knowledge. I worked for several TV commercials and television shows too. In addition to playing and pursuing different music-related activities, I am now working as an Assistant Lecturer at a renowned University where I give music classes to graduate and undergraduate students.

I believe a big part of my success is due to the education I received at MUST University. It enabled me to become a music professional and thrive among thousands of other professionals. Thank you, MUST University, for helping me realize my dreams and move ahead in the field I love—music!


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