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MUSTUniversityKevin Chen – Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, US

I am in my final year of bachelor’s at MUST University. I am majoring in Criminal Justice and currently working on my thesis. My experience at MUST University has been simply terrific. The knowledge and exposure that I gained, the relationships that I made and the guidance that I received have all contributed towards making me the person that I am today. I consider myself extremely lucky to be in the company of such highly talented and qualified teachers who helped me realize my potential through their guidance and support. Additionally, the structure of the university’s degree program is very sound; it comprises all academic theories related to a particular field of study. Read the rest of this entry »


Martha Lewis –New York, USA

Working full-time, I did not have enough time to pursue my much-needed degree in marketing. Online learning allowed me to combine my job and studies while having the freedom to study whenever I have time. MUST University has done wonders for me. It allowed me to continue my job with my studies. It gave me the opportunity to study what I had always wanted to. I am really impressed with the quality of course curriculum and counselors’ support.  You can definitely choose a program here based on your interests. Read the rest of this entry »


Interest Free Loan

Kathy Silver, Kentucky, UK

Hi. I am Kathy Silver. I am a student of MUST University and my major is nursing. I enrolled at the University sometime back and, although it offered many services and features, it still lacked the loan facility.

However, I was ecstatic when MUST University recently offered 100 % interest-free loan facility, which means that I can pursue my education without any financial burden.  Read the rest of this entry »


Like many other people, I have also experienced tough times in my career and before studying at MUST, I was not very confident about achieving success in life. The reason of this dismally low confidence level is the cut-throat competition in the job market and the recent economic meltdown that has further aggravated the situation.

I started working after completing my graduation in business studies. I worked as a business analyst for a couple of years. With the passage of time, I realized that due to my inadequate qualification my professional growth had come to a standstill—and this is when I decided to go for postgraduate studies. I approached MUST, a global online accredited university to pursue my education as it offers education in 16 different fields of studies in 71 different majors with flexibility and affordability. Its online education program made it easier for me to manage my work life as I could access my virtual classroom from anywhere.

Thanks to MUST University, I managed to reach the managerial level. I hope that the University will continue to provide me opportunities to further grow and excel in my career.