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Duane Vaughan –Seattle, USA  

When I first started the MBA program with marketing concentration, I wasn’t really sure about what direction to go for in my career. The thing I knew for sure was that I want a change- a positive one. I did a great deal of research looking for an online program that was accredited, reputable and affordable. MUST University was the result of my search and I selected it because it is better than many other online institutions in a variety of ways. I found my MBA degree really challenging, exciting and rewarding too with quite enough flexibility to maintain a busy work and family commitments. Read the rest of this entry »


Robert Shear – California, USA

My job in the IT field has always been demanding. Every day brings new challenges with it. With market being so competitive and work expectations so high, it is not always easy to stand out among your peers. After working for years in the same job role, when some of my colleagues got promoted, I realized something was wrong with me. With so many individuals holding the same bachelor’s degree like mine, it occurred to me that it is not enough. Read the rest of this entry »


MUST CareesBlake Johnson, Atlanta, GA

I grew up in a working class family in South Bend, US. Financial constraints made it impossible for me to attend campus based educational institutes. My high school counselor brought the idea of an online degree to my attention.

The idea was very new to me as I never imagined of learning online. It all paid off when I enrolled at MUST University and truly turned out to be a life changing experience and revealed a world of unlimited possibilities. Read the rest of this entry »


Career Growth

Paolo Estefan, San Jose, CA
I have 15 years of experience as an IT communications manager at a multi-state organization servicing the Auto industry on the west coast. I had come up from a trainee level and after 15 years the HR department let me know that my bachelor’s degree could only carry me so far. I was to either seek further education or else I should consider my growth in the organization to be stopped. The organization felt that I lacked the motivation for personal development and offered to go as far as to offer to finance my further education. Read the rest of this entry »