Online UniversityJenny Andrew, Chicago, USA

After graduating from high school I didn’t go to a college. By the time I realized a higher education degree would help me progress in my career, I was a mom of one daughter -then 8 and working full time. Deciding that on campus learning would be too challenging logistically, I opted to pursue a degree online. I frantically started my search for the right online university and finally came across MUST University—a highly affordable and flexible online university offering a range of programs in diverse fields. I immediately called them and spoke to their advisers who then told me about a perfect program that suited my needs. One thing I like about online courses is that you get all your work upfront. You know what your assignments are for each week of the 16-week semesters. If you’re studying online you have to be sure you stay on top of things because online learning can be challenging if you fall behind schedule. Being a wife and a mother, it was easier for me to do study online. When I came home from work, I’d have dinner with my family and then I’d go to the computer and did my university work. I always made sure I got my assignments done on time, despite the many challenges that came with my demanding life. I proudly graduated in May 2011 with an associate’s degree in education and got a promotion as well. I’m highly thankful to MUST University for helping me advance professionally.


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