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Paolo Estefan, San Jose, CA
I have 15 years of experience as an IT communications manager at a multi-state organization servicing the Auto industry on the west coast. I had come up from a trainee level and after 15 years the HR department let me know that my bachelor’s degree could only carry me so far. I was to either seek further education or else I should consider my growth in the organization to be stopped. The organization felt that I lacked the motivation for personal development and offered to go as far as to offer to finance my further education.

I was taken aback by the viewpoint of the HR but also looked forward to proving them wrong and the opportunity for my education being financed by the employer meant I didn’t have to worry about finances.

I set out to find a suitable university that could allow me to study with my hectic schedule of flying from state to state, the only times I ever found for myself were during travel or during weekends. I knew traditional education would be a farfetched idea to conceive as a possible solution. I was suspicious of online schools, after going across I was able to shortlist the University I was going to study from. The simple reason that I chose MUST University was the accessibility that it provided and the recommendation from my HR Department was the seal of approval that I needed.

Upon completing the Master’s Degree in Network Management on my own terms, I was promoted immediately to the position of Senior Manager IT infrastructure. I later found out that the position was newly created by the board of directors to address a new strategic business unit and I was at the helm of it, thanks to MUST University.


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