As a 40-year-old mother of two, going back to school was an alien concept for me. I lived a contented life with my husband and children. But an unfortunate accident claimed my husband’s life, leaving me alone to take care of two children and myself. We had savings but those wouldn’t last a lifetime. I left education after high school and was now urged by my children to pursue a diploma in history. I agreed and naturally opted for online education, for it was much more convenient in terms of ease, flexibility and affordability.

Enrolling in MUST University was the turning point in my life. I had MUST’s academic consultant available at all times for my help and assistance. The courses were well designed and exactly according to my requirements. As a widow I also qualified for their in-house scholarship and took advantage of their financial assistance.

I am now working as a history teacher for a junior school. I have always loved kids and I truly enjoy my work. I cannot thank MUST University enough for transforming my life and making me self-dependent.


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