Not sure if a degree in Molecular Biology is right for you? Choosing a degree can be more frustrating and, arguably, more important–than deciding which party to go to on Friday night. What you study can have a big influence on your future, so do yourself a favor and choose carefully. At MUST University we believe that your future is important to us as much as it is to you and thus we have designed a degree checklist that will help you decide the best option to forward your education forward.

  1. Interest: Maybe your dream job isn’t as interesting as you’d thought it’d be or maybe something is holding you back from truly doing what you love the most. What are your hobbies? What sorts of activities do you enjoy doing and what activities do you think you’d like to do? Answers to these questions could lead you to rethink how you want to pursue your education and more specifically what do you want to pursue as a career. We only live once and one should pursue what they love the most, not what others choose for you to be the best. So choose a university that values choice and flexibility in your education.
  2. Aptitude / Ability: A candidate must ask themselves whether they are proficient and fluent enough in a subject to pursue it as a future career and education path. Certain programs are of highly specialized nature, but the basic requirements are usually the same. In other words strengths in previous subjects and coursework revolving around the current subjects is a fair way of gauging the success a candidate may have with their chosen specialized higher education.
  3. Career Opportunities: Whether you’ve always wanted to be a writer or a secret agent, you can always find out if it’s really worth it in the long run. The U.S Department of Labor publishes the Occupational Outlook Handbook every year for students. It tells you the training and education needed for a job, what you should expect to earn, what is usually done on the job and in what conditions you’re going to be working. This resource provides up-to-date information on salaries, work environments and employment outlook for hundreds of jobs. If, after your research, you still want to pursue your dream job, the Handbook also details what sort of training you will need.
  4. Quality: No matter what degree you choose it is important for you to realize that ultimately the ability of your degree to take you forward depends on what it’s taught you. When choosing a degree one should ensure that the courses offered are innovative, up to date, that the learning materials also reflect the industry trends and take into consideration the recent scientific advancements. An important way of choosing which degree awarding institution to go for is to assess where recent graduates of a given university are working at, such as MUST University’s graduates who are preferred by many of the best Fortune 500 companies.

At MUST University we believe that quality education with global recognition and immense future opportunities for success should be an accessible prospect for everyone. Providing students with one of the most extensive choice of majors matched with years of successful education counseling experience and a variety of degree paths to choose from, MUST University is the checklist to your growth!


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