MUST University Online ReviewRaymond Tacker, Lenti, Hungary

MUST University was my first choice of institution for continuing my higher studies. It offered me the flexible online model I wanted which allowed me to stay on top of my profession and backed me up with an accredited degree.

I had a MEd and wanted to complete my EdD. Coming from a background in business training, I have over a decade of experience in working with universities and their consulting offices. I have always been particularly interested in bridging the gap between the students and academics. The right degree can not only help improve educational practice but also add value to the organization you are associated with.

During my time at MUST University I met several class fellows who came from similar backgrounds as me. We all shared our experiences and I really respect and value their input as it helped me realize my academic potential. The flexibility of the program allowed me to pace my studies around my work schedule. I generally devoted my weekends to reading and preparing assignments for the coming week, and spent evenings or lunch breaks studying during the weekdays.

The important thing to remember is not to get discouraged with the amount of work or the project deadlines. Be organized, manage your time wisely, set priorities and take it one step at a time. I am glad that I opted for MUST University for earning my doctorate degree in Education. The program increased my curiosity and taught me skills I was able to apply immediately at my job. Today I am working in an international corporation as a Chief Learning Officer and working towards effectively structuring the industry and academia.

Thank you MUST University for the knowledge!


MUST University ReviewsEvan Walters, Westbere, England

I graduated from MUST University with an online Master’s degree in Information Technology and currently I am working as a software engineer in one of the major IT firms of UK. This degree led me to new employment opportunities in various international organizations. However, things weren’t this stable before I earned by degree.

When I joined MUST, I was working full time in a local organization with a bachelor’s degree. What led me to online education was mainly my professional and personal commitments. Like so many others working full time jobs, I didn’t have the leisure of enrolling in a traditional university so after some research I opted for MUST University. I wanted to enroll in a program that will allow me to self-pace my studies around my schedule and also give me the flexibility to study when and wherever I want.

What I enjoyed the most about the program was being able to interact with fellow students who came from all over the world and most of who were professionals like me. We were able to connect immediately and share career related tips. The good thing about online learning is that the course is as extensive as of a traditional university without any time limitations. I didn’t have to worry about missing a lecture or not being able to attend classes as I could squeeze a few minutes each day to attend lectures online. Mostly I studied late at night but many times I was also able to find time between lunch breaks at work.

Online education is an enjoyable experience, but only if you are good at managing your time and know how to stay organized. For me, the program helped me affirm my knowledge, allowing me to demonstrate my abilities and applying what I learnt at my job. Now I am planning to do my PhD soon from MUST. Thank you for the great experience!


MUST University ReviewGabriella Fletcher, Jim Thorpe, PA

The programs offered by MUST are attractive in terms of the modules offered and since the University has a good reputation, I went ahead and joined. Today I am glad that I did! I could not study full time because of my job and MUST’s self-paced program was just the thing I needed to complete my Masters and for boosting my professional career. I had ample of practical experience but what I lacked was an academic background to back it up which limited my career growth.

One of the things I would say that studying at MUST taught me was time management. Although initially it seemed hard to manage my studies with a full time job but I gradually learned to do so with the support of my family and friends. Earning an online degree is just tough as a traditional one. Whoever said that it’s easy was mistaken. It’s the flexibility of the programs and the affordability that is the best part of online education. Otherwise you have to work just as hard, submit your assignments on time and meet project deadlines.

The program offered in-depth industry knowledge which made my studies directly relevant to my work. Some of the best decisions I made to improve the public health of my community was due to the knowledge and skills I learnt in the program. Yesterday I was just a junior with little knowledge and today I am conducting research, translating it into programs and contributing to policy formulation in my company. All this would not have been possible had I not joined MUST for my Master’s degree.

I consider myself lucky for studying with some amazing people from all over the world. My class fellows came from different backgrounds and experience which further enriched my experience. The faculty was extremely helpful and I got a good learning experience with them. Now I have been promoted to team leader at my company and am working as a public health specialist.

Thank you MUST for making this possible!


MUST University ReviewsSteven Perry, Metropolis, IL

I had heard of MUST and its reputation as one of the top online universities in the world that offers flexible programs and employment support for its students. To be very honest, that was mainly what attracted me to it when I initially set out to complete my degree in education.

Studying at MUST enhanced my knowledge and provided me with in-depth understanding about learners and the organizational context in which learning generally takes place. I now have a much greater understanding of the concepts and policies being put forth the school where I am currently teaching. I’m a lifelong learner, motivated by the desire to make a difference in my workplace. Currently I am an assistant English teacher at a community school and as a constructivist learner I am enjoying putting what I learn into practice.

The best thing about studying at MUST was the interaction and exposure I received from the international faculty. They were more open to ideas and available online almost all the time. I thoroughly enjoyed the collaborative learning environment in the virtual classrooms. Interactions with my fellow class mates were thought-provoking and engaging. The flexibility of programs allowed me to create a self-paced schedule so I could study between working shifts at two part time jobs. To be very honest, studying online helped me become better at time management.

The course gave me practical knowledge and now I have a greater ability to suggest evaluations to maintain or improve various education standards at my school. The content matter taught was highly relevant to my current role. I am already finding that people are starting to pay more attention to me and are taking my opinions more seriously.

I would recommend the MUST University to all busy professional because of its reputation and the thorough support they offer to their online students.


MUST Student ReviewsJudy G. Dotson, Detroit, MI

My experience with MUST was a rewarding one. When I enrolled in the university for a Business Management program I was working two jobs, one full and one part-time, so time was of essence and the convenience of classes made it easier for me to manage my studies with my professional life. I also loved the pace of the classes and the opportunity of interacting with fellow students in other countries.

The best part about studying at MUST was that I could attend the classes any time from the comfort of my home or at work – however I pleased. I was able to fit the flexible schedule easily around my daily routine and didn’t have to worry about pressing deadlines for assignments. While all this sounds easy, it does require quite a bit of motivation and organization. Attending online classes at MUST made me more committed, helping me to balance my work and family life with my studies.

Initially I thought that it would be hard to get in contact with the professors if I had an urgent question about an assignment or a project, but that was never the case. The faculty was available 24/7 and was quick to assist. I recommend online programs to any individual who is capable of studying independently and does not require face to face interaction. The key to succeeding in an online course, I believe, is to plan your time wisely, study a bit each day and try not to get behind. So thank you MUST for inspiring me and helping me become more responsible!


MUST UniversityLaura Byrd, Plant City, FL

I loved studying at MUST University. The faculty is amazing and the education is excellent!

When I enrolled at MUST, four of my work colleagues were already studying there. I have been a lifelong learner and even though my circumstances led me to give up my education early and start working at the reception desk of a hospital, I never gave up on my dreams. My mother had instilled in me the love of education and even though she was no longer with me, I did not want to let her down.

I began my bachelor’s degree in nursing at MUST and two years later I was a proud graduate who wanted to continue growing. It was an interesting experience, full of learning exchanges and lots of support from fellow students and teachers.

My colleagues used to tell me that I am an inspiring influence and it made me so happy. The whole experience motivated me further and I completed my masters in nursing from MUST as well. I am sure that my mama is looking down upon me from heaven and telling me how proud she is of me. Today I am working as a critical care nurse and administrating care to patients with serious heart issues. Education has opened so many doors of opportunities for me and I no longer feel limited by my circumstances. It’s true that with commitment and motivation anyone can change their life. I believe I am the living proof of that. Education empowered me and I am so glad that I chose MUST.


MUST University Reviews

Walter Olson, Everett, WA

Life wasn’t easy for me and I had been struggling to make ends meet. For past few years I had been working at a local hospital and I was getting nowhere. On a high school diploma, I suppose that was the most I could do. A few of my colleagues had online degrees and I saw doors of opportunities opening for them. I felt motivated, just watching them succeed, and wanting the same for myself led me to enroll at MUST University. I applied for an Associate Degree in the Criminal Justice program.

Was I skeptical? Yes! Initially I wasn’t sure I will be able to balance both work and studies together. But once I started attending lectures online, I realized that this was easier than traditional college. The best part was that I could fit my studies around my routine. Commitment and motivation led me on and I graduated, soon after which I was promoted to the shift supervisor position. This boosted my spirits further and I enrolled for a Bachelor’s degree in Management.

The experience changed my life! Although I am currently studying at MUST for my Bachelor’s degree but the career prospects and opportunities have already started becoming visible. The faculty was very helpful and communicating with other students aided me in improving my communication skills. Now I can correspond professionally between all levels of the facility, be it the helping staff or the director of the facility. Now I am no longer the shy Walter Olson everyone knew a few years back. Thank you MUST!


MUST University StudentTracy A. Paul, La Puente, CA

As a single parent raising 2 kids while working in a 12-hour shift at the police station, pursuing a degree seemed like an impossible feat. But I also knew that getting education was something I had to do, not just for me, but for my children and their future.

I understood that in order to be promoted at my job and to earn a better income, I needed a degree. A regular school meant regular classes, which I didn’t have time for. A friend suggested that I enroll for an online degree programs and after some research I decided to enroll myself in one. So I applied for an online associate degree in Criminal Justice at MUST University and began my path to a better future. It was a very different experience. Unlike a regular school, I had much more flexibility; I didn’t have to worry about missing class and could study whenever I had time.

Soon after completing my degree I was promoted to the position of a police officer. I can’t tell you how proud I felt of my accomplishment. I wanted to show my children that education can create a better life for us, and I did.

It was a great experience to study at MUST. The faculty is great and the online resources were an added benefit. I didn’t have to go running to a library as everything I needed was available online. Now, I am planning to return to MUST University soon for a bachelor’s degree as it will help me climb up to a higher post. Thanks MUST!


John McCartney, Dallas, TX

I had been working as a full-time cashier for a few years at a neighborhood super market and didn’t have time to attend regular classes in a traditional university. I knew that to make it in today’s competitive job market I needed at least a bachelor’s degree in Marketing as a start and maybe later, if things go well, I could do my MBA and move on to bigger things in life.

A few friends suggested that I enroll in an online university as that would allow me the flexibility which a normal college will not be able to give. After a bit of research for my subject of interest I came across MUST University. I visited their website and even contacted a few alumni, just to be sure. Once satisfied, I registered immediately for BBA in Marketing. One of the best things about the degree program was that the study schedule was flexible and I could easily continue my job with it.

To be honest, initially I was afraid that the course would not be comprehensive enough and perhaps the teachers at MUST would not be concerned with the quality of work that the students produced. But boy was I wrong!

Now that I have a steady job in a firm, I am glad I decided to take up my bachelors from MUST. It was the best decision I ever made!


MUST University ReviewsSamuel Jade –Pennsylvania, USA

After my high school, I was desperately looking for a job as I wanted to become independent and take charge of my own future, without relying on someone else.  However, in such a competitive job market, finding a good job seemed almost impossible without a bachelor’s degree. I knew that once I got a job I would no longer be able to attend a university and complete my graduation. After a detailed discussion with my friends and family, I decided to pursue my degree online and work part-time to gain some experience.

And the university I chose was MUST University, a premier online institute. I visited the institute’s website, so user-friendly and informative, and got all the details relating to the programs, schools and majors and financial aid options. The admission process was quick and the counselors were professional and supportive. Satisfied, I started taking classes in my chosen program right away. Thanks to the flexibility and ease the university offered, I successfully managed both my job and studies at the same time. Today, I have a bachelor’s degree in my field and am working with a prestigious organization. I urge my dependent friends to get a degree from MUST University and do something worthwhile on their own—just the way I did. I’m glad I made the right decision and chose to study at the world’s largest online university, MUST.